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5 retail marketing concepts for every broker to know

The strategic effort that a retail store needs to make to attract customers is intense and daily. After all, to make a profit, this type of establishment must be able to market a number of products in good quantity.

Of course, there are different models, but, in general, clothing stores, books and other retail items earn by volume of sales. Thus, if a product has a higher profit margin and a smaller profit margin, in the end, one compensates the other.

But did you know that retail marketing strategies of nova city can be adapted to the real estate market to attract customers and generate more business? Continue reading to check out our tips!

1. Know all the features of your product

When a customer enters a store, the salesperson has a few minutes to convince him of a purchase. Therefore, it is very important to know all the characteristics of the product and the benefits that it can bring.

Likewise, the broker also needs to master all the information about the properties that he will present to the client, the region in which he is located and even the notary proceedings.

In addition to taking the doubts that would be preventing the purchase of the customer, demonstrating knowledge is also a way to gain the trust and status of authority, which is very important in this market.

2. Understand how your price is set

One of the biggest sales objections is the price charged, either at retail or in markets with more consultative sales.

Thus, knowing what factors determine the value of the property is very important to explain to the potential buyer. Some examples are the status of the neighborhood, the facilities it offers, the potential for appreciation in the coming years and much more.

All of this must be understood by the broker so that he does not feel intimidated and knows how to argue when a client confronts such information.

3. Know how to promote the property

Buying a property is an important time for the buyer and involves a number of emotional aspects. This also occurs in other sectors. An example is when a woman is going to buy a wedding dress.

Therefore, know the moment experienced by the client and try to potentiate their emotions. This way, you can make the experience even more relevant to him.

4. Caprice in the presentation and in the relationship with the customers

The shopkeeper must wear his company’s shirt. If he sells social clothes, he must be well presented and in the style of the store. The broker must also follow this premise.

When acting in a more formal market, having a social presence is important, as well as a more stripped-down look will have a greater connection with a young audience.

5. Use after-sales to build customer loyalty and attract customers

After a sale, stores often send emails and surveys on customer satisfaction. This shows concern and desire to maintain a relationship, and also aims to promote future purchases.

Brokers should also do a loyal post-sale, as this will allow new referrals to other people and acquaintances to happen.

Attracting retail customers is a regular action, which also involves actions in the digital world, such as advertising on social networks. And the broker can also take advantage of these channels to capture new business.

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