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Advantages Of Virtual Reality In Real Estate

Virtual reality is a vital tool in the real estate sector, especially in Lahore smart city, since from our computers or mobile phones we can visit various properties without leaving home. Thanks to this technology we can show a house in its entirety, without leaving any details, so that once we have decided to visit, we can speed up and make better decisions in less time.

Virtual reality in real estate has a series of advantages, both for sellers and buyers, so it is a very important service that adds great value to the sector. In addition, with the appropriate technology, we can achieve the highest quality results, allowing the potential buyer to better evaluate the purchase of their future home.

5 advantages of virtual reality when buying and selling real estate

By applying virtual reality in real estate we can experience the following advantages both in the buying and selling process:

Reduce the number of visits

One of the main advantages of virtual reality in real estate is that it reduces the number of unwanted visits in our home. In this way, we avoid visits from people who are just curious, but who are not potential buyers, by filtering and optimizing the home buying process.

More information from any device

Facing the potential buyer, it allows you to visit a greater number of properties without having to leave home. Since from the computer or from the mobile device itself you can visit all the properties on which you are interested. Selecting and filtering only those that you consider most interesting.

Reduces the time of the buying and selling process

Another advantage of virtual reality in real estate is that it speeds up the process of buying and selling property since it is not necessary to make face-to-face visits of each property on which the purchase is being evaluated. What before could be one or two afternoons of scheduled visits, now translates into a few minutes to visit virtually as many properties as desired.

Offer extra information

In the virtual tours of the properties, you can see interactive information points, where we can find the explanation of the characteristics of the floors, walls, distribution or any extra information that we want to add. In this way, the client not only sees the property but also gets additional information about its elements and characteristics.

Improve sales rate

Another of the most outstanding advantages is that it increases the sale rate. That is, those properties that have a well-worked and quality virtual reality are sold earlier and at a better price.

This is because virtual reality generates much more impact and curiosity to potential buyers, thus increasing the number of visits and people interested in it. In this way, a greater number of demands are generated.

These are some of the advantages of virtual reality in real estate, but not everything goes. It is very important that our virtual reality has a series of criteria and characteristics to be able to show the property in all its splendor.

Criteria in the application of virtual reality in real estate

It is advisable to take into account the following aspects in order to take full advantage of the advantages of virtual reality when buying and selling real estate:

1. Image quality

For a virtual reality of a property to be effective, it is necessary to have the latest technology. At PRIMER GRUPO, the best real estate agency in Valencia, we were pioneers in incorporating virtual tours in the sector, being the first to incorporate Matterport technology in our virtual tours. With our 360 virtual reality camera, we obtain the highest quality images, even allowing the user to enlarge the image without losing quality.

2. Dollhouse

Another advantage of virtual reality is being able to show the distribution of the house as if it were a doll’s house. With this technology, we obtain a three-dimensional plan of the property that allows the buyer to see better the distribution of the house. Besides being something very attractive and attractive, it offers very useful information.

3. Home Staging

A vitally important factor when preparing the recording of virtual reality is the staging of the house. We will not obtain the same results or the same impact in a house with the blinds down and low light, as in a well-arranged and well-lit house.

For this reason, the recording of virtual reality is as important as all the previous work where all the Home Staging techniques are organized and applied in Valencia to give a better presence to the home.

4. Dissemination and visibility

Finally, if we have followed and applied all the Home Staging techniques prior to recording and we have made the highest quality virtual reality possible, but we do not reach the potential buyer, all the work done will be of little use.

It is essential to have the means that allow us to show our virtual reality to the largest number of potential buyers, such as social networks, real estate portals and mailing.

As we can see, virtual reality in real estate has many advantages, as long as certain requirements are met, it allows us to reach more buyers, in less time, optimizing the buying and selling process and improving profitability.

The application of virtual reality in the sale of real estate is just one of the important advantages that you will have as an agency when you are part of our real estate franchise in PRIMER GRUPO.

And if you are thinking of selling your home, trust our professional real estate services. We take care of everything, obtaining an unbeatable virtual reality of your home. Do you want to know how? Get in touch with us!

What is real estate crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a financial practice that has been growing in the last decade and consists of the contribution of small amounts of money by many people. It is a financial mechanism that allows a greater number of people to access large investments.

In this way, it makes it more accessible for these small investors to participate in large projects that would otherwise be impossible for them, such as the purchase of a property to obtain greater profitability.

Crowdfunding has spread in many sectors and fields of all kinds and, in the real estate sector, this type of financing has also found a place, which is increasingly widespread. To understand it better, let’s see how it works, what it consists of, as well as its risks and benefits.

Why is crowdfunding an increasingly widespread trend in the real estate sector?

Crowdfunding has “democratized” real estate investments, allowing small investors to access large projects with which to obtain a higher return on their savings.

Until a few years ago, investment in real estate was a sector that very few could access. It was necessary not only to have sufficient savings to be able to face the purchase of a property but also sufficient knowledge to be able to know the profitability of the said investment.

However, with the advancement of technology, tools and the amount of information that we have, it is becoming easier and more accessible to invest in real estate for small investors.

Crowdfunding allows us to participate in large investments with very little money, thus accessing higher returns, which has meant that this financing formula is gaining more and more followers.

What is real estate crowdfunding?

In general, when we talk about real estate crowdfunding we refer to large investments, such as new construction developments, financed by a large number of small investors. Although the practice is increasingly widespread in the sector and we can find real estate crowdfunding for an apartment on the beachfront, for example.

But it basically focuses on large investments in new construction in places where profitability is more than guaranteed, such as new construction on the Ramblas in Barcelona or in the Salamanca district, for example.

How does real estate crowdfunding work?

Investing in real estate with the crowdfunding model is as simple as entering one of the many platforms that exist for this purpose, registering and making the financial contribution, which can be from € 50 or less. Of course, the higher the investment, the more profit we will obtain.

One of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms is the famous Housers, where they have a wide range of real estate opportunities to invest in.

Risks and benefits of real estate crowdfunding

In addition to the risks and benefits inherent in the world of investments, this crowdfunding model has its own:

Main risks of real estate crowdfunding

The main risk of real estate crowdfunding is that of not obtaining the projected profitability and failing that, not receiving dividends. The investment profitability studies associated with a project are carried out by the promoter.

The platforms must have real estate experts who contrast and audit this data to approve it and consequently if they see them as opportunities, it is when they “upload” them to offer them to investors.

Given that past returns never guarantee future returns and these are based on the promoter’s business plan for each project, there is no guarantee that they will be fulfilled. Moreover, depending on the evolution of the business and the aggressive or conservative policy to carry out the business plans, the returns may be higher or lower than the initial ones.

It is the platforms that in their good practice should carry out the studies in a conservative way and if they do not reach an agreement with the promoter, discard the project.

Therefore, it will be the real returns once the business is completed that cause dividend higher or lower than those initially projected to be distributed. In this sense, it is essential to know how to carry out the appraisal of a future home.

Main benefits of real estate crowdfunding

The main advantage is being able to participate in large projects with very little capital. Crowdfunding opens the doors to all kinds of investors and investment can be made in all kinds of projects from a very small amount of money.

In addition, you can invest in the number of projects you want, since each investor is independent from the rest.

Is real estate crowdfunding safe?

Real estate crowdfunding, like any other type of investment, carries risks that can be reduced and minimized with the help and advice of experts who provide professional real estate services. In this way, we can be calm and be able to manage our capital without worries.

If you are thinking about real estate crowdfunding, from Tajarat properties we can advise and help you to obtain the highest profitability with the lowest possible risk.

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