How reliable is buying on Facebook Marketplace

How reliable is buying on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace provides a one-of-a-kind option for buyers to communicate with sellers right away through Messaging, which is now favored by 60% of consumers. However, just like any other marketplace, “reliable” transactions require two principals.

With very minimal ad expenditure on Facebook, our Automotive Dealer clients are getting an average of 2–4 Digital Ups. These are Facebook Inventory Adverts, which allow dealers to target clients who have looked at similar cars on their website with specific ads. Combining these inventory advertising with the appropriate Re-Targeting is undoubtedly yielding excellent results for automotive dealers in the US market.

Having said that, scammers will flock to any marketplace! This week, I personally reported a Facebook Marketplace publisher who was selling a 2014 Toyota Rav4 for $10,000 less than the KBB price!!

That’s where the reporting feature comes in, as well as the duty that every Marketplace participant has to report questionable behavior. It’s not only on Facebook; it’s everyone who is involved in the marketplace.

The same principles apply to Facebook Marketplace as they do to CraigsList. Scammers will attempt to take advantage of shoppers.
It is up to everyone of us to maintain vigilance.

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