How To Attract International Real Estate Buyers

In 2015, a large part of the real estate operations in the country were carried out by foreigners. This is what you should do if you want to attract international real estate buyers.

Last year 2015 was the year in which the most international property purchase and sale operations were carried out in country. According to the Repeat Sales House Price Index prepared by Property Registrars, foreign investors acquired a total of 48,000 properties in our country during 2015 .

This represents 13% of all real estate sales operations that took place in the last year and is, therefore, a clear example of how predisposed foreigners are to invest again in our country.

By zones, the Valencian Community, Andalusia, Catalonia and the Community of Madrid are the ones that have registered the highest number of operations. Except for the capital, all are areas of the Mediterranean coastline and it is not surprising that the British, French, Germans and Swedes (in that order) feel so attracted to this part of the territory.

The benefits that attract foreigners to municipalities such as Calpe , in the heart of the Costa Blanca, are well known .

The climate, gastronomy and the Mediterranean lifestyle are some of the main claims that captivate international Real Estate investors. So, as you can see, this piece of the pie can be a huge bonanza for your real estate business.

However, outsiders are looking for something more than the aforementioned in the real estate agents who are going to manage their investment. These are some of the aspects to consider if you want to attract international real estate buyers:

Personalized attention and in the same language: In transactions as economically important as the sale of real estate, investors look for a person who speaks their language. This is extremely important when it comes to building trust and avoiding misunderstandings resulting from a lack of understanding.

In addition, being people who are in another country, they especially appreciate the personalized attention and continuous communication that allows them to keep abreast of all the news that arise daily.

Convey confidence: No person is going to deposit their savings in your hands if they do not fully trust you, so it is essential that you work on this aspect. Be transparent, reinforce your social skills, and be extremely professional.

It is possible that they will ask you for credentials or references from a previous client, if possible go ahead and provide them yourself before they ask for them. It will be a gesture that they will appreciate and with which you will be able to earn their respect and trust. If you succeed, you will have half of the sale practically guaranteed.

Selection criteria: It is more than likely that during the buying and selling process the investor is most of the time in his country of origin. Therefore, what you expect from a good real estate agent is that they understand your needs and tastes and make a careful selection of those homes that may be of interest to you.

If you are to your liking, the next step will be to organize a visit to see the properties up close. It is also expected that all this process (purchase of tickets, reservation of accommodation, etc.) will run on your account. Remember that detailed and personalized attention is what they value the most.

Control the legal aspects: International clients are usually very methodical and a bit suspicious. Since they will not know the legislation on real estate, they will ask you and make many queries about it.

You must know in detail all the terms and procedures, since if they see you doubt you will run the risk of losing the sale. Likewise, they will especially value that you can take care of all kinds of paperwork such as procedures with the notary, banking issues, state and property registry, etc. If you control all these areas you will have the buyer practically in your pocket.

After-sales service: Foreign investors appreciate that the relationship does not end with the sale of the property and they are looking for a real estate agent who can also offer them after-sales service.

It is quite possible that at the end of the sale operation they wish to hire other types of services, such as home insurance or maintenance personnel for the home during the seasons that they are not going to use it. Many foreigners buy real estate with the intention of renting them later to get a profit, so if you can offer them that service, better than better.

At Blue world city islamabad we have professionals of different nationalities to offer a totally personalized service to each of our clients. We offer 360-degree management throughout the real estate sale process and, in addition, we offer after-sales services such as tourist rental of properties so that their owners can obtain profitability.

If you want to join our team and score a goal with the best portfolio of properties in Calpe, this is your chance. Contact us and start winning international clients.

International real estate fairs that you cannot miss in 2017

To keep up to date with what is happening in your sector and be a pioneer in your business, you cannot miss these international real estate fairs in 2017.

In the real estate sector there are no borders, so if you want to boost your career, real estate fairs are the best meeting point for professionals in the Real Estate industry. In them you can do business, expand contacts, learn about the new developments that are emerging, etc.

As we are in the final stretch of 2016, it is time to start thinking about what is to come next year. 2017 holds a multitude of appointments that no good professional should miss if they want to be up to date with everything that happens in the real estate field. These are the main international real estate fairs in 2017:

MIPIM (France)

It is considered the most prestigious fair in the real estate sector in Europe. In 2017 it will be held between March 14 and 17 in Cannes (France). The figures from subsequent editions confirm the popularity of this event: 20,000 attendees, facilities of more than 17,000 m², an average cost of 1,000 euros per ticket …

However, the strong point of this event is the conferences. During the four days, more than 100 talks will be held by top-level professionals who will share their knowledge of the industry. Another particularity of MIPIM is that it has other sectoral editions such as MIPIM Asia, focused on the eastern market, or MIPIM UK, specialized in Real Estate in the United Kingdom.

Great Real Estate Exhibition of Bogotá (Colombia)

Latin America is becoming one of the favorite markets for real estate investors, which is why many interesting fairs have emerged in recent years. The Great Real Estate Fair of Bogotá, which in 2017 is held from August 25 to 28, is one of those events that after 12 years of being held has established itself as a good opportunity to do business.

200 exhibitors, 5,500 m² of exhibition area and more than 30,000 attendees are some of the data that the 2016 edition has left. It is a very complete fair where professionals can find all kinds of alternatives: commercial premises, offices, residential homes, building sites, etc.

Expo Real (Germany)

From October 4 to 6 in Munich this real estate event will take place, which is now in its nineteenth edition. Despite being an appointment more focused on the industrial and commercial field than the residential one, that does not mean that it loses interest.

On the contrary, at Expo Real Munich some of the most important European investors meet in this regard. In the 2016 edition there were more than 39,000 participants from 77 different countries, being one of the most successful in memory to date.

As in many other fairs, Expo Real 2017 will have an interesting program of conferences and colloquia in which the first swords of the industry will advance the news in Real Estate for the coming years.

Shanghai Real Estate Expo (China)

The Asian market has been a point of reference for international investors for years, so much so that this fair does not have a single date a year, but two (from March 10 to 12 and September 15 to 17). Why is this room so important?

Because it is not only focused on the Chinese market, but there are also exhibitors from Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Therefore, attending this exhibition the possibilities of doing business on an international scale multiply. In 2016 Shanghai Real Estate Expo received more than 30,000 visitors, had about 200 exhibitors and occupied a total area of ​​5,000 m².

SIL Lisbon (Portugal)

For those who are interested in doing business in our neighboring country, this is the appointment to mark on the calendar. In October, the International Fair of the Portuguese capital will host this exhibition divided into three different spaces: SIL Office, SIL Cidades and SIL Retail & Logistics.

Attendees of this exhibition can find all kinds of offers related to housing, commercial premises, offices, land and industrial buildings. SIL is the meeting point for real estate agents, construction companies, urban developers and even individuals who come in search of the house of their dreams. Therefore, it is the ideal place for any Real Estate professional to network and improve their business possibilities.

Moscow International Property Show (Russia)

Like Shanghai Real Estate Expo, the Moscow International Fair is held twice a year (in April and November). This is an excellent opportunity to find business options in a market as attractive to investors as the Russian one.

Moscow International Property Show brings together the main players in the Real Estate industry in this country for two days (promoters, investors, agents, builders, banks, etc). In past editions they brought together around 160 exhibitors and attendance figures were quite high, with a large presence of investors.

Tajarat properties love to keep up to date with everything that happens in the industry to be the first to apply the news to our business, which is why we have been a benchmark in Calpe for more than 30 years. Come see us and discover our Real Estate offer!


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