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How To Change To A Better Home?

The first weeks of confinement were more than enough for many people to realize the importance of having a house that meets certain characteristics.

A home with more light, with better ventilation, with a terrace or balcony somewhat larger than usual that improves the views, a good kitchen, … There are many details that help us to be more or less comfortable in our home.

And there are many people who are now looking for a better home, changing the current one for one that adapts and meets their new needs, but we do not always have enough savings to be able to make this change to a better home. So what options do we have?

Changing to a better home is possible

The first thing you will need is the advice of a real estate professional of Tajarat properties, to advise you, depending on your needs and possibilities, of your current home and the desired home, as well as to help you in the strategy to follow to be able to comply with the new one. objective: “the purchase of your new home”.

Once you have the help of a professional, they can offer you different solutions and ways to get to the house of your dreams. There are many options to achieve it and we are going to give you some ideas as a guide:

Buy your new house and keep the current one so that once you have made the change you can make it profitable in the rental market, for it is necessary to have the necessary savings and good financing capacity (if necessary), even rent can help to minimize the payment of the new financing.

Buy your new house and put your current one up for sale. This option requires having a good debt capacity, you can buy your new home, having better financing and mortgaging both houses (the one you buy and the one you currently own), simultaneously we put your current home on the market so that It can be sold within a period of between 3 and 6 months and once sold you can cancel part of the mortgage on your new home with the result of the sale.

Sell ​​and rent for a few months. This is one of the options most used by families, with the sale it is possible to have the necessary means of payment to help you find your new home and the reason for advising the rental is to avoid precipitation in the search for your new home.

It is more difficult to make mistakes when they rush to find a new home is a little more relaxed and allows you to better evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.

In any case, the help of a professional real estate agent, someone who knows the market, your situation and your needs, is essential to be able to carry out this change to a better life.

If you want to know your options to change to a better home, you can contact us and we will help you achieve your dreams.

How to appraise a home: everything you need to consider

Facing the sale of a property is a very important issue that requires many more decisions and actions than at first can be seen by a person who is not used to this management. Among them, knowing how to appraise a home.

For any owner, the sale of your house is an important process both economically and emotionally, and if you do not know how to manage it in the correct way, there is the possibility that the sale of the property will become a situation of stress, conflict and insecurity.

Therefore, knowing the real price of the home and getting the appraisal right is a key factor in determining the success of the sale.

What must be taken into account to appraise a home?

We are going to see how to do a home appraisal and the main keys when determining the price.

Know the real estate sector

The first question that clients ask us is “How much is my house worth?” A relatively easy question to answer: what the demand is willing to pay.

This will be our starting point, since knowing the real estate sector, its evolution and trends is one of the most important factors when making an accurate appraisal.

To value a home you must have a lot of experience in the local market where it is located, know perfectly what demand it has and what it is willing to pay for that demand. For this, it is also important to have real information on recent sales in the area.

The state of the home

Another key factor when making the appraisal is the home itself. How many rooms does it have? And bathrooms? Have you had any reforms in recent years? What year is the building? etc.

There are many questions that will help us when it comes to appraising the home. In our case, we have professional tools where there are more than 100 factors, with coefficients, which will help us to determine the real value in an objective and precise way.

Location, a determining factor

The condition and characteristics of the home are important, but the location, in many cases, is even more so. In real estate, there has been a mantra for many years that says that the three most important factors in valuing a home are location, location and location.

It is true that it is not the only factor, but it is very relevant when it comes to putting a price on our house. For this, it is essential to know the area very well, its services, the communication it has, transport and public services, green areas, shops, etc. All these factors are also very relevant when it comes to obtaining an accurate and professional appraisal.

The seller’s needs

One factor that helps us focus on the price of the home will be the need for the seller. What is the reason for the sale? The reasons for selling a home can be many and scattered, but generally, they are reduced to three main groups:

  • Family. The family grows and the house becomes small, or the children become emancipated and the house remains large.
  • Job. A new job in a different location involves a relocation.
  • Money. Due to economic needs to be able to buy a better home or to carry out a project.

In any case, depending on the need and urgency or not that you have to sell the home, it will also be a factor in knowing the appraised value of a home.

The key factors to appraise a home

These are the most important factors when determining the price of a property, which will help us so that we can carry out an accurate, accurate and professional appraisal. Although this is only the beginning of the home sale process.

Once we were able to determine the exact value of our house; depending on its condition, location, demand and our needs. We will have to determine the pricing strategy to follow in order for the sale to be a success.

As well as making an impeccable home staging, with videos, virtual reality, professional photos, etc. Always applying the latest trends in Home Staging techniques so that when it is put on sale, it attracts a greater number of potential buyers.

If you want a free professional appraisal, at PRIMER GRUPO we can help you.

We have a trained team to offer you the professional real estate services you need. In addition, they will help you know the real sale price of your house. We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.

5 pending tasks in our home for September

September has arrived and, with it, the end of the summer holidays, the return to the happy routine and, for many, the beginning of a new school year.

Well, precisely thinking about savings and well-being for this new academic year, households still have ‘pending subjects’, necessary and essential improvements that have been postponed due to various circumstances throughout the year.

But that, if committed, would help save a few euros and improve our quality of life inside our homes, where we spend more and more time. Especially taking into account the imminent arrival of autumn, the gradual or abrupt drop in temperatures and humidity that the first pre-winter rains bring us.

Prevent the sun from entering

Lighting and consumption

In addition, the natural lighting of our home is also a matter of examination in terms of energy efficiency, since one in ten houses has very poor lighting, according to the study ‘I want to live better’.

An aspect to consider knowing that Natural lighting provides the necessary density of light and does not tire the eyes as much as artificial lighting does in the study areas and after this August the people have paid 30% more than a year ago in the energy bill.

In this context, and in order to improve the natural lighting of our homes, the use of skylights in buildings can reduce the consumption of artificial light by 30%, since the direct natural lighting they provide reduces energy consumption in some hours of the day, becoming at the same time aid to the efficiency and sustainability of homes.

Acoustic conditioning

On the other hand, acoustic conditioning at home has become another of the disciplines with a heavyweight to carry in backpacks, especially considering the beginning of classes and the convenience of doing homework in silence, away from murmurs and disturbances that deconcentrate and can worsen academic results.

The street traffic or the conversations and footsteps of the neighbors above often disturb the rest and make it difficult to study inside our homes. And while it is true that eliminating noise completely is practically impossible, it is also true that good acoustic insulation can reduce these annoyances by up to 70%.

Moisture and leaks

Likewise, humidity and leaks are also one of the subjects for which it is most necessary to sink elbows and redouble efforts for the start of the new year.

Not only because they are unsightly but because they generate a sensation of cold in rooms and study rooms, aggravate respiratory diseases in children – one of the most vulnerable groups – and, in addition, they cause detachment of paintings, tiles, floors, etc.

Therefore, to avoid extra energy consumption or that these external agents can affect health and also damage the entire structure of the building that will require a later more complex rehabilitation, it is very important to renew the waterproofing on roofs, pits from elevators, basements, garages, terraces, bathrooms, kitchens and even swimming pools.

Water consumption

Finally, so that the water bill does not skyrocket in this new year and does not suppose another headache for families, given that this continues to be a country threatened by drought and that the World Health Organization (WHO) assures that a person needs almost three times less water than they use daily, homes should put the batteries in the way of saving water.

In this framework, blue world city Islamabad proposes to replace the facilities -if reform is made that includes bathrooms and kitchens-; install water softeners; place aerators; install mixer taps with a two-stage opening device; install thermostatic taps, and placing hydro-efficient showers and double flush systems.

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