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How to do a good financial planning for couples?

In order for life as a couple to provide partners with everything they dream of in a marriage, it is necessary to take care of finances. The financial planning of couples is a difficult topic to be addressed, especially for those who are about to make a commitment to each other.

But make no mistake: the financial part is decisive for the success of the marriage, and there are many cases of unions that end up failing precisely due to the improper treatment of the house’s money.

Of course, it is not easy to turn the key from “my money” to “our money”, but there are some ways to make this process more organic and pleasurable, allowing the couple to live the new life together without having to worry about it.

Want to know what they are? Follow our post and find out!

Manage a financial spreadsheet

The first step in taking care of the household money is to set up a very complete financial spreadsheet. Even if you are already used to planning, it is necessary to prepare yourself to receive the bills of your future spouse and also those that will always be joint.

The couple’s spreadsheet management system should be the same recommended for any planning: include all income and expenses without leaving anything out. And the secret to success is transparency. All expenses must be posted equally and there can be no space for secret purchases in relation to any of the parties. Otherwise, financial management will be compromised!

Divide the accounts in common

When you get married, you no longer have private accounts to have common accounts. This is also true for debts. Ideally, the couple should choose to open a joint checking account at the bank. Even if this is not possible, it is necessary to understand this new financial dynamic.

Having common accounts means sharing their payment equally. If you have chosen to keep separate checking accounts, then you must define who pays what, in relation to ordinary slips.

In the case of debts, you need to understand how the two of you can make them less costly. If your partner is paying high interest on the overdraft, for example, the ideal is that you transfer the necessary amount so that he gets rid of interest that, after all, harms the financial life of both.

Align expectations

In addition to adjusting the financial life and dividing the accounts equally, it is very important that the couple align expectations. It does not make sense for one to save while the other spends disorderly.

In this case, it is necessary to be aware of the standard of living adopted and, mainly, transparency in relation to desires and wants. If you paint the possibility of taking a trip, for example, the idea is that the two are in accordance with the destination and the budget to make the dream come true.

Plan your investments

Young couples, at the height of their careers, tend to want to enjoy life a lot, mainly because they do not have children yet. However, as a couple, it is essential to think about the future!

The joint financial spreadsheet should have a reserve for investments, thinking about future projects, such as an apartment, a car, a trip, and, even, the retirement of both. For this, the most appropriate is to look for a specialized consultancy to know which the best options are.

Did you see how important it is to take care of the financial planning of couples?! Do not leave to do this after the debts accumulate, as the difficulty will be even greater!

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