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How To Sell My House? 10 Keys To A Successful Sale

If you are thinking of selling your house there are a number of questions that you have to take into account. But the most important is to have a professional real estate agent who knows your neighborhood, the market sale price, as well as all the steps, documents and keys so that the sale of your house is a success.

Here are 10 important keys to make the sale of your home a success:

The starting price. A good, professional appraisal is not always easy to obtain. There are many aspects to take into account, both of the property itself and of the area where it is located. Today there are several online tools that offer you a hypothetical sale price, but in general, it is very far from reality and they do not offer the most appropriate starting price.

If the price is too high you will be losing potential buyers and helping your competitors to sell before, since they will be more adjusted in price and the reality of the market.

If the price is too low you will be losing the opportunity to obtain higher profitability for the property. If you want to know what the price of your home is, we can offer you a free professional valuation here.

The sale price. Unlike the starting price, the sale price is the one that the demand is willing to pay for your property. Here there are also several aspects that you will have to take into account, such as your needs, projects to carry out with the fruit of the sale, etc.

But being clear about the sale price from the beginning is very important to be able to adjust the starting price.

Filter potential buyers. Once you are clear about the price at which you are going to sell your property, it is time to apply all possible marketing techniques to it in order to make it known to all potential buyers.

The better published it is, in the first positions of the main real estate portals, the more offers and requests for information you will receive.

But you will have to receive calls and know how to discern which are curious, competitors or potential clients, as well as have time to coordinate all visits and at the times that the buyer client is most comfortable with.

For this, it is advisable to filter the potential buyers very well, so that you can sell your property with the least number of visits.

Verify loads of the house. You will have to verify in the Property Registry the status of charges of your home and, if there are any, plan their cancellation with the Financial Institution, the Notary Public and the Registry.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate. You will also have to request and pay for the Energy Efficiency Certificate, the delivery of which is required by the buyer.

For more information, you can read the following article in our blog: Preferential acquisition right in favor in the transfer of homes.

Photographs of the property. There is no second chance for a good first impression. That is why it is so important to have good professional photographs as well as knowing how to apply the most appropriate Home Staging techniques to your home so that it can be transmitted to potential buyers that what they are seeing is not a house, but the home they want and they would like to buy. It is not the same to publish an empty property that is furnished and decorated, or a property with little light and shabby than one that is tidy.

At Tajarat properties we are experts in applying the best and latest trends in Home Staging so that your home looks the way it deserves. If you want to know more you can see these Home Staging examples.

Know how to negotiate. In every purchase-sale of a property there is a negotiation process between seller and buyer, which you have to know how to manage and try to complete with satisfaction for both parties, although it is not always easy, it can be achieved if you are an expert negotiator.

Have knowledge in real estate law. Have knowledge of the law to know how to formalize a contract of sale, know how to stipulate the delivery of adequate and sufficient money, as well as prepare deed of sale complying with all the requirements set by the corresponding consumer protection laws.

Have time. The process of successfully selling your home can be long and tedious, especially if you don’t know-how. So if you are thinking of selling your home on your own, you will need to have enough time to comply with all these keys in the best possible way.

These are the 10 most important keys for the sale of your property to be a success. If you are thinking of selling your property, follow these recommendations and if you need help from a real estate professional, do not hesitate to contact us. More than 30 years of experience and 30,000 properties sold guarantee our trajectory.

Rental housing with the option to buy: advantages and disadvantages

For some time now, the figure of rent with the right to purchase has been used regularly as an option to amortize the investment in the rent in the event of considering the option of that home in the short-medium term.

Renting with the right to purchase or renting with the option to buy constitutes an interesting option for long-term investment due to the advantages and benefits obtained with this type of contract.

The new real estate trend: renting with the right to purchase

Rent-to-own did not enjoy much prominence until relatively recently and has exploded as a preferred option thanks to the stabilization of home prices after years of continuous declines.

What is rent with the right to purchase

It is a type of double or mixed real estate contract made up of two types of subcontracts: one of them specifies the conditions regarding the rental of the home and the other everything related to the option to purchase it.

Thanks to this type of contract, tenants can enjoy the lease of a house for the period stipulated in the contract (usually between two and five years) and acquire the property of the house for a price pre-agreed once at the end of that time.

The particularity of the rent with the right to purchase is that the price of the house stipulated in the signing of the contract will be deducted, partially or totally, as agreed, the rental fees that the tenant has paid up to that moment.

Legal regulation

When entering into a contract for a rental home with the option to purchase, we must comply with two regulatory parameters: those for rent and those for sale, since there is no single legal framework that contemplates specific conditions for this real estate formula.

Although article 14 of the Mortgage Regulations of the Civil Code refers to this contractual modality and it is also contemplated in the Urban Leasing Law, the details thereof will be those indicated by both parties in the contract that binds them.


Before signing a rental contract with the option to purchase a home, it is convenient to check that all the conditions are well detailed and specified, such as the lease time, the rent, the expenses inherent to the rental or the term in which the tenant can exercise your right to purchase.

The sales contract included in the document must specify the will to sell, the price of the house, the percentage -partial or total- that will be discounted after the rental period and if there is an initial guarantee or premium requirement (which is discounted in the case of purchase of the home and it is lost in case of not finally acquiring it).

Advantages and disadvantages of rental housing with the right to purchase

This real estate contractual modality has benefits for both parties, which is currently a very beneficial formula.

Rental homes with the option to buy are an option to consider given the economic situation presented by the current real estate market and an intermediate solution for people who want to emancipate themselves or are considering the acquisition of a home in the medium term.

But, like all types of contracts, this modality has its pros and cons.

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Advantages and disadvantages for the OWNER

Formalizing a rental contract with the right to purchase allows the owner to earn money with the house from the first moment, in addition to having default insurance under the figure of the initial premium for the reservation of the house.

It is a simple way to take advantage of property without giving up the possible future sale and the owner continues to benefit from tax privileges for renting it.

In the worst case, if the sale does not take place, the owner has enjoyed the monthly installments of the rental of the house and the premium paid at the beginning of the contractual relationship.

It is important to consider that this type of contract can mean a waste of time if the real interest of the owner is the sale and finally the tenant declines this option.

Ultimately, as long as the rental option lasts, the tenant cannot sell the property even if the offer he receives improves the conditions of sale recorded in the contract. In addition, if there is an increase in real estate prices, you will not be able to modify what is pre-established in the contract.

Advantages and disadvantages for the TENANT

In a traditionally patrimonial country, opting for a rental house with the option to buy has several benefits, since the rent (total or partial) paid during the duration of the same and the initial reservation premium will be deducted from the price of the house.

In addition, being linked through this contractual real estate modality offers the guarantee that the purchase is insured even if there are other interested buyers or fluctuations in the real estate market, being able to opt for it at any time during the rental period.

However, it is important to be clear about the intention to buy, since one of the drawbacks for the tenant is that he will lose the premium paid as a purchase reserve if he renounces to acquire the property after the rental.

In the event of a drop in house prices, you will not be able to benefit from real estate fluctuations, since you must respect the price set in the contract.

In addition, the tax burden must be taken into account, since this type of contract is subject to double taxation by the Property Transfer Tax due to its dual nature.

It is convenient to remember that the tenant must pay the tax through the ITP before 30 days from the signature of the opposite, although the subsidiary responsible is, in the last case, the lessor. The same term is stipulated for the tax base in case of purchase in blue world city Islamabad.

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