Networking for real estate agents: learn how to expand your network of contacts!

Social resourcefulness is certainly one of the essential skills to become a good real estate agent. After all, unlike other types of sellers, the realtor is not only concerned with concluding a deal – he needs to develop a relationship of trust with the owners to ensure the delivery of the keys.

Fairs, partnerships and even getting to know the condominium doorman well: all of this is essential for the broker to be recognized in your square and start to dominate the region. But how do you do that? That’s what you’ll discover in this post. Check out the following networking tips for real estate agents:

What to do

Attend events

Participating in corporate events is one of the best ways to establish your network. In addition to construction companies’ fairs – events that, by the way, always yield good deals for a broker – it is essential to go further and participate in events of the Regional Council of Realtors (Creci).

It is necessary for the broker to abandon the addiction of believing that everyone in the competition is an enemy, after all, partnerships can also generate good results. It is clear that, before closing a partnership for a double sale, for example, it is necessary to know the future ally well.

Attend ordinances

Where to get new properties for sale? Your network of contacts may not always offer the best opportunities, but there is someone who will surely know when something new comes up: the doorman.

Whenever you sell a property, try to establish contact with this professional, who can become an ally for the realtor. He always knows when someone is interested in selling or renting an apartment.

Using technology

Of course, to establish a network of contacts, the focus must be on the long-term relationship. It is necessary that the realtor has a sensitivity to always provide a personalized service that meets the needs of his audience, be it the buyer or the seller.

Luckily for professionals in the field today, technology is a powerful ally. Systems such as customer relationship management (CRM), for example, allow constant monitoring of the relationship with customers – which can improve service and strengthen the bond between the parties involved.

Bet on the internet

Today, there are 2 actions that can help the broker to expand his network of contacts. The first of these is the website, which functions as a business card. This can be a lure for new contacts, which should be worked on for a lasting relationship, as we have seen.

The second is the constant use of social networks. LinkedIn, for example, can be an extremely effective tool to expand your network and maintain a constant relationship with partners.

What not to do

As we have seen, one of the main mistakes that can be made is to believe that other colleagues are enemies. The ideal is for the broker to keep an open mind for new opportunities, after all, a solid partnership today can become a powerful office in the future.

Another common mistake is to ignore the fact that, for the broker, everyone is a potential customer. Family, friends, acquaintances … Anyway, you must always be aware to not miss any opportunity. Undoubtedly, networking for real estate agents should be thought of all the time.

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