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Social networks for brokers: how to use to sell more?

It is likely that you already have an account on a social network, right? However. Do you take advantage of it when it comes to getting customers? If the answer was “no”, we need to talk about social media for realtors.

About 15 years ago, when someone wanted to advertise their products or services, it was necessary to turn to radio, TV and newspapers. And these companies charge a lot for the ads.

However, that time has passed. Today, you can produce information yourself and talk to your target audience, but to do that, you need to know the potential of social networks for brokers. Come on?

Social networks for brokers: how to use Facebook?

The first step in using Facebook professionally is to create a page. Don’t worry about the number of likes. Remember that you are there to sell real estate, so you are speaking to a restricted audience.

The challenge in this social network is to be able to appear on the users’ timelines. Facebook prioritizes content that receives interactions, and Internet users usually interact more with photos and videos. For this reason, invest in these publications – as long as they have to do with the real estate market.

Another important tip is to advertise. It’s the most popular social network in the world, so your customer is probably a Facebook user. Furthermore, advertising on Facebook requires low investment – just be careful not to create too many ads. Have a strategy.

Finally, pay attention to your personal profile. Do not share the so-called fake news (or false news) and do not get into controversy. Remember that money has no religion, sexual orientation or political ideology. Anyone can be a potential customer.

How to use Instagram?

Instagram requires another strategy: the intelligent use of images within a friendly and relaxed communication. Take good photos of the properties you intend to sell and use geolocation to bring them closer to those interested.

Also, don’t forget to use hashtags as keywords. Make use of a maximum of 3 hashtags, for example, #apartamento #Leblon #RiodeJaneiro

Is it worth using Twitter?

Many people look down on Twitter, but they shouldn’t.

This social network remains firm and strong and has a strong impact on the younger audience. Maybe that’s why Twitter is not very popular with social media for brokers.

In fact, Twitter was not meant to sell, but to get information. Follow the main influencers in the real estate industry to be always attuned to the market, create lists and use hashtags to find good content. After all, the broker needs to be well-informed.

How to use LinkedIn?

It is also not a space to sell directly, but to gain credibility. For this reason, choose very carefully the information that will be part of your profile.

The photo should be in a more formal outfit. Share your professional and academic information, as well as your portfolio, website or blog (if you have one).

Don’t put unnecessary data just to fill in the space. A lean profile is better than one that has nothing to do with your professional moment. If you are a realtor, what is the point of mentioning that you once practiced another profession that is unrelated to the current one?

Now that you understand the importance of social media for brokers, do an analysis of their profiles. Last tip: just create an account on the network that you really want to use.

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