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The 3 best SEO techniques for real estate ads

If you’re just starting your career as a realtor and don’t know how to gain visibility and increase your client portfolio, know that Google can help you. The production of content and advertisements on the internet, – on blogs, websites, etc. – can be the key for more people to know your services. But, to maximize the results with this, it is essential that you know some SEO techniques when producing your ads.

These are the techniques that separate your content from the top of Google searches. So, if you want to know how to make the best real estate ads and leverage your career as a broker, take a look at the 3 best SEO techniques we’ve separated for you!

1. Produce relevant content

The first step towards good visibility and online presence is the elaboration of the content that you will make available to your client.

At that time, everything must be thought out to meet the needs of the reader. In other words, it is essential to develop relevant content for your audience.

An advertisement that has good acceptance is not impossible to be made, just that you know how to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. A tip, for example, is to identify the main doubts and difficulties that a person may have when buying a property and, thus, produce your ad based on this information.

You can create content that emphasizes topics related to the world of brokerage and real estate, such as changes in legislation, taxes, financial markets and the like. The important thing is that you know how to explore the client’s doubts and, more than that, pass on your image as a competent professional who can help you.

2. Use strategic keywords

As we know, searches on Google or other search engines are done based on keywords. Thus, the user searches for some terms and Google presents the most relevant content that is related to the terms searched.

Therefore, when producing your ads, it is essential that you include keywords with a high volume of searches and similar terms. This significantly increases the chances of your material being presented at the top of searches and, consequently, improving your visibility.

3. Use inviting images

As with any ad, it is natural that our first contact with him is visual. Hence the importance of choosing the right images for your publications.

The images, in addition to facilitating the assimilation of the content by the reader, help to attract attention. In SEO, images play a key role in ranking the content on the internet. As Google is also able to search for images, it is possible for the search engine to assimilate terms searched for images present in its content.

For this reason, placing an appropriate caption for your images is very important for this analysis by Google, after all, it is easier for him to relate the caption of the image with the users’ searches.

Finally, although getting started in any profession is not easy, with a little strategy and the right tools, it is possible to overcome all challenges and achieve success. The SEO techniques we show are some examples of how to shorten this trajectory.

Now it’s up to you! Show that you are willing to go further. Continue to learn more about this and other subjects. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed!

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