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Understand the benefits of mobile marketing for the real estate market

In 2015 alone, Brazil ended the year with more than 250 million active cell lines. Overall, 8 out of 10 Brazilians have a smartphone, which represents an increase of 176% compared to the survey conducted in 2013.

A survey conducted by IBGE showed that, for the first time, in 2014 cell phones became the main means of accessing the internet in Brazil, being used in more than 80% of homes with internet access. This shows that Brazilians are more connected than ever to their mobile devices, which creates a new possibility: mobile marketing.

More recently, the real estate market has also been taking advantage of this opportunity. To better understand why this is a good choice, here are the benefits of this type of marketing.

Greater reach is possible

Considering the large number of people using mobile devices in Brazil, using mobile marketing is possible to reach a very wide audience. With that, you can reach more people without having to spend a proportional amount of resources.

This eventually leads to more business opportunities that, if done well, can lead to an increase in the number of conversions.

There is versatility in the strategy

For the real estate market, mobile marketing has more and more options, making it very flexible. It is possible to adopt geolocation to segment the public and use of apps to facilitate the process of searching for properties.

Mobile sites get better positions in the search engines, while the QR Code allows the customer to access property information just by pointing his cell phone at the image.

Other options include SMS Marketing and Bluetooth Marketing, which allow direct contact with the customer and which may depend on the location, such as when the customer passes by a property. In addition, you can also use Micro-Moments, which consist of creating opportunities that stimulate the customer’s interest in buying or renting a property.

Communication is faster

As the devices are mobile, the user’s response time tends to be less. When you send an SMS, for example, it is more likely to open faster than an email.

In general, this streamlines communication and allows the real estate market to offer personalized offers more efficiently and at the right time. In addition, faster communication also helps to narrow the relationship with the broker, which further favors conversion.

Costs are lower

What’s cheaper: making an ad focused on the mobile market targeting the customers you want or investing in a large billboard that attracts all kinds of people? In general, the first option is much more affordable.

In May 2015, for example, there was also a 10% reduction in the costs of this strategy to maintain a loyal customer. In addition, it is a form of marketing that is beginning to be explored more recently, especially in real estate marketing.

With that, there are great opportunities to establish strategies with high results in a more affordable way.

Mobile marketing for the real estate market is a trend for the future that is consolidated every day. In addition, it is also a flexible option, with greater reach, cheaper and more dynamic, stimulating the relationship to conversion into sales.

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